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26 March 2013 Comments Off a nice website for algorithms.

On you will find articles on the subjects of data structures, algorithms and programming concepts. Each and every article is supplemented with code snippets in both C++ and Java, so you can turn to the practice right after reading a tutorial. For the very beginners we developed articles about how to install a development environment and to write simple applications.

16 July 2011 Comments Off

Bunch of Programming Judges…

Some of the online judges designed for programming course are:

  • Moodle Online Judge Plugin, an assignment type for Moodle, which can automatically grade C/C++ assignments.
  • HUSTOJ, HUST Online Judge,C/C++/Pascal/Java/Ruby/Bash/Python supported, an open source OJ system using GPL2.0 license, which support LiveCD mode and FPS format.
  • FPS, Free Problem Set, an open source problemset exchange format based on XML, which providing more than 400 free problems in FPS format.
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27 June 2011 Comments Off

Some resources out there for programmer practice

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1 June 2011 Comments Off

QuestToSolve.Com | A nice attempt to improve problem solving skills

A nice attempt to improve problem solving skills:

“(…)In the spirit of Steven Halim’s World of Seven: Methods to Solve website, that posted the solutions to hundreds of problems for the University of Valladolid (UVa) Online Judge website, we have decided to not only tackle UVa problems in preparation of ACM ICPC competition, but also to post the answers that we find for each problem in the hope that our repository of solutions will be as great an informational resource to programmers everywhere as Steven’s was.

Who are we? Two students majoring in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.(…)”

21 May 2011 Comments Off

UAlbarta CS Code Repository

2D_Geometry/ 30-Apr-2010 15:08 -
3D_Geometry/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Archive/ 06-Feb-2009 20:53 -
Arithmetic/ 26-Oct-2005 10:44 -
C++/ 26-Oct-2005 11:15 -
Combinatorics/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Data_Struct/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Dynamic/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Generators/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Graph_Theory/ 13-Jan-2006 13:39 -
Java/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Makefile 10-Nov-2003 17:14 69
Misc/ 26-Oct-2005 10:34 -
Num_theory/ 26-Aug-2008 11:13 -
OLD/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Old/ 14-Mar-2003 20:26 -
Parsing/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
Search/ 23-Feb-2004 15:23 -
index.txt 13-Nov-2003 13:36 7.6K
masterlist.txt 26-Aug-2008 11:15 12K
misc/ 25-Nov-2005 14:51 -
oldfiles.txt 19-Mar-2003 17:32 3.9K
tables.txt 21-Jan-2003 16:43 3.9K
todo.txt 13-Jan-2006 13:41 304
updatelist.txt 13-Jan-2006 13:40 6.4K


30 April 2011 Comments Off

Some ICPC Related Blogs

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