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MIT: Algorithm Lectures Video

by Prof. Erik Demaine, Prof. Charles Leiserson

Lecture 1: Administrivia; Introduction; Analysis of Algorithms, Insertion Sort, Mergesort- Go to this video

Lecture 2: Asymptotic Notation; Recurrences; Substitution, Master Method- Go to this video

Lecture 3: Divide-and-Conquer: Strassen, Fibonacci, Polynomial Multiplication- Go to this video

Lecture 4: Quicksort, Randomized Algorithms- Go to this video

Lecture 5: Linear-time Sorting: Lower Bounds, Counting Sort, Radix Sort-Go to this video

Lecture 6: Order Statistics, Median- Go to this video

Lecture 7: Hashing, Hash Functions- Go to this video

Lecture 8: Universal Hashing, Perfect Hashing- Go to this video

Lecture 9: Relation of BSTs to Quicksort – Analysis of Random BST- Go to this video

Lecture 10: Red-black Trees, Rotations, Insertions, Deletions- Go to this video


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Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithm Lectures

Hello programmers, Today I would like to give you the links of  Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithm Lectures. Robert Sedgewick works in the Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544

Below are links to the lecture slides. This list is tentative and is to be considered subject to change. Minor updates are possible at any time. Substantive updates (not unlikely the evening before a lecture) will be marked with the date of change. Here are the reported errata.

Intro · Union find
Analysis of algorithms
Stacks and queues (new 2/7)
Elementary sorts sorting animations
Mergesort sorting animations
Priority queues
Symbol tables · BSTs
Balanced search trees
Hash tables · Applications
Undirected graphs (new 3/10) DFS BFS maze
Directed graphs (fixed 3/23) DFS topological sort
Minimum spanning trees (new 3/23) Graph applet
Shortest paths (new 3/28) Dijkstra
Radix sorts string sorting
Data compression
Substring search substring search
Regular expressions
Geometric primitives convex hull Voronoi
Geometric search·Intersection sweep line intersection
Combinatorial search The Longest Path [mp3]

This file with all the slides for Lectures 1-10 (28 MB) is suitable for uploading to a portable device, as is this file with all the slides for Lectures 12-24 (40 MB) and this file with all the slides for the course (66 MB). These files do not reflect changes made as the semester progresses

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Computer Science/ Algorithm Lectures

Computer Science/ Algorithm Lectures by  Mr. Syed Monowar Hossain (Department of CSE, The University of Dhaka, Bangladesh). This is one of best lectures collection for Algorithm Course. Old lectures in a ZIP file.

Course Outline 0_syllabus.ppt
Breadth First Search 1_bfs.ppt
Depth First Search 2_dfs.ppt
Topological Sort 3_topological_sort.ppt
Strongly Connected Components 4_scc.ppt
Articulation Point 5_articulation.ppt
Minimum Spanning Tree (Prims Algorithm) 6_mst_prim.ppt
Minimum Spanning Tree (Kruskal’s Algorithm) 7_mst_kruskal.ppt
Single Source Shortest Path (Dijkstra) 8_dijkstra.ppt
Single Souce Shortest Path (Bellman Ford) 9_bellmanford.ppt
All Pairs of Shortest Path (Warshall’s Algorithm) 10_warshall.ppt
Types of Algorithm 11_AlgTypes.ppt
Divide and Conquer 12_DC.ppt
Greedy Algorithm (Part 1) 13_greedy I.ppt
Greedy Algorithm (Part 2) 14_greedy II.ppt
Dynamic Programming (Part 1) 15_dynamic I.ppt
Dynamic Programming (Part 2) 16_dynamic II.ppt
Dynamic Programming (Part 3) 17_dynamicIII.ppt
Network Flow (Part 1) 18_maxflow_1.ppt
Network Flow (Part 2) 19_maxflow_2.ppt
Network Flow (Part 3) 20_maxflow_3.ppt
Number Theory 21_Euclid.ppt
NP Complete Problems 22_NP.ppt
Approximation Algorithm 23_approx.ppt
Asymptotic Notation 24_asymptotic.ppt
Recurrence Relation I 25_recurrence.ppt
Recurrence Relation II 26_recurrence II.ppt
Computation Geometry _27_geometry_1.ppt
String Matching I 28_string_matching_1.ppt
String Matching II 29_string_matching_2.ppt
Review Class 30_review.ppt
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TJHSST’s Senior Computer Team (SCT), 2010 – 2011 Lectures Seasons!

2009-2010 Lectures

2008-2009 Lectures

2007-2008 Lectures

2006-2007 Lectures

Old Lectures: