Lets Learn STL (Rerefences)

The Standard Template Libraries (STL’s) are a set of C++ template classes to provide common programming data structures and functions such as doubly linked lists (list), paired arrays (map), expandable arrays (vector), large string storage and manipulation (rope), etc. The STL library is available from the STL home page. This is also your best detailed reference for all of the STL class functions available.

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  • From YoLinux and Wiki
    • Sequences:
      • vector: (this tutorial) Dynamic array of variables, struct or objects. Insert data at the end.
      • deque: Array which supports insertion/removal of elements at beginning or end of array
      • list: (this tutorial) Linked list of variables, struct or objects. Insert/remove anywhere.
    • Associative Containers:
      • set (duplicate data not allowed in set), multiset (duplication allowed): Collection of ordered data in a balanced binary tree structure. Fast search.
      • map (unique keys), multimap (duplicate keys allowed): Associative key-value pair held in balanced binary tree structure.
    • Container adapters:
      • stack LIFO
      • queue FIFO
      • priority_queue returns element with highest priority.
    • String:
      • string: Character strings and manipulation
      • rope: String storage and manipulation
    • bitset: Contains a more intuitive method of storing and manipulating bits.
  • Operations/Utilities:
    • iterator: (examples in this tutorial) STL class to represent position in an STL container. An iterator is declared to be associated with a single container class type.
    • algorithm: Routines to find, count, sort, search, … elements in container classes
    • auto_ptr: Class to manage memory pointers and avoid memory leaks.
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